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Letters to the Editor
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Posted: Aug 6, 2009  10:56

Reconstruction/ Paving Delayed


As you may know, Roosevelt Road is scheduled for a complete end-to-end rehabilitation with a new pavement overlay utilizing Federal Highway dollars obtained by a grant application by Boundary County and the City of Moyie Springs. Federal Aid projects are designed, bid and awarded to private contractors for construction. A special division of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) administers these projects for local jurisdictions.

ITD has determined that there may be cost overruns on the $1,400,000 project. They have decided (and asked for our concurrence) to delay bidding until after August, when their "year-end balancing" may produce unused funds to be applied to the project. Otherwise, Moyie Springs and Boundary County would have to come up with the shortfall, which could be substantial. Currently the local cost share is about $100,000. If we were to locally contribute another $300,000, (which we don't have readily available) we might force the project ahead this fall, but it would also be bucking up against the end of the paving season.

Boundary County and Moyie Springs have decided to go along with ITD's recommendations in the hopes of obtaining additional funding and a higher quality product by waiting.

There is still a lot of time to bid the project this fall and construct early next year.

Residents are assured that all parties are dedicated to the completion of the project and it will move forward regardless of how the funding issue shakes out.
Boundary County will place an asphalt repair at the Blume Hill intersection to smooth it up for the winter. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

A couple of side notes: The project was originally scheduled for 2010, so we are not seeing so much of a "delay" as we are a setback in our attempt to advance the project by a year.

Also, for clarification, the City and County have been doing work over the last season in "preparation" for the project. This includes drainage, ditching, new culverts and utility work. The project itself, including road rehabilitation and paving, is performed under contract using Federal Highway dollars and providing opportunities for local workers and businesses.

Jeff Gutshall, Road and Bridge


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