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Posted: Aug 20, 2009  06:35

Second Annual Giant Tomato Contest

      2009 Fair King

Last year Barb LePoidevin grew a four pound tomato for the Giant Tomato Contest at the Boundary County Fair. It was a yellow Basinga, something she had never heard of before. I asked her what got her into growing giant tomatoes.

“I started growing giant pumpkins about five years ago. When my boys were little I would read to them the story about how some mice got together and grew a giant pumpkin. I tried the methods they talked about, injecting milk into them and grafting other pumpkin vines to them but I never really got anything out of them except a big water bill. Then I read about Dill’s giant pumpkins and got some seed, and then I started to get results. My biggest so far is about 550 pounds.

“What does this have to do with tomatoes you might ask? Well, giants take up a lot of space and water. I started reading on the Internet about people growing giant tomatoes, which don’t take up a lot of space and water. I never knew there were so many varieties, over 10,000. I really like the heirloom tomatoes; they seem to have a better taste though some get pretty ugly in shape. I have about 10 different types growing in the garden. Two are supposed to give me really big tomatoes; we shall see. Last year I bought giant tomato seeds and I never got anything over a pound. The Basinga was something I was going to eat but they were huge and tasted gross. It was still green when I picked it so who knows how big it could have gotten.

“I am hoping that everyone who has a garden with tomatoes growing in it will bring some in to the contest at the Boundary County Fair. There are cash prizes for first, second and third places. Even if it’s green, bring it on in! Last year just two people brought something. I am hoping for dozens more this year.”

The Giant Tomato contest will be August 22 at 5pm on the Memorial Hall lawn. For more information, contact Sandy at 267-7041.


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