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Posted: Sep 5, 2009  12:19

First Solo Flight Successful for Local Teen

      Northern Air Flight Instructor Boundary County Airport

Tana Schneider, recipient of a Boundary County Youth Flight Scholarship given by the local EAA, made her first solo flight on a beautiful summer morning. She successfully completed her written portion of the private pilot test prior to commencing flight training. Tana has been persistently practicing landings at the Boundary County Airport.

Tana has a flying family.

Her mother and older brother are pilots. The morning of her first solo, her Mom showed up to watch and congratulate her afterwards. The celebration included sparkling cider for all present and the loss of her shirt tail.

Tana has been a busy girl! During ground school, she competed in the Bonners Ferry Junior Miss scholarship program. Tana also assisted this summer with the EAA huckleberry pancake breakfasts, which fund the youth scholarships. In addition, she has been gearing up for volleyball season as well.

After solo, Tana has been sharpening her flying skills by landing on grass and flying blind (simulated clouds). Tana intends to complete her Private Pilot license locally.

Tana, keep it up and centered. Happy flying!


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