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Posted: Sep 11, 2009  15:27

Crystal Bonner And Mike Davis Are Excited To Start Another Biggest Loser Competition.

Biggest Loser to Start Soon


Crystal Bonner And Mike Davis Are Excited To Start Another Biggest Loser Competition.

"Iron Mike" Davis is pumped to announce that the Second Bonners Ferry Biggest Loser competition is about to begin.

"People are excited," he said. "I've got a couple of surprises that are going to make it even more fun."

Mike said that September 15 at 7pm will be the first organizational meeting for those who want to participate in the competition to lose weight, get in shape and possibly walk away with a cash prize. The winner of the first Biggest Loser competition won over $600.

Participants in the Bonners Ferry Biggest Loser will learn individualized nutritional information, be put on an individualized fitness plan and will have the opportunity to work with Mike himself and personal trainer Crystal Bonner. They will also keep a food diary and participate in a weekly weigh-in. According to Mike, these activities, as well as the group spirit and camaraderie that grows with the Biggest Loser group, are what motivates and inspires the participants to stick to their plans and shed pounds.

Because the competition is based not on total weight loss but on total weight percentage, Mike added that the Biggest Loser competition takes into account a person's body size and doesn't have an unfair advantage for people of differing weights.

"Total weight loss is not the prime goal," Mike emphasized. "We also want to increase lean body mass. With the nutritional logs and exercise, I can help each person lose almost all fat, not lean body mass. That's important as far as increasing metabolism and maintaining weight loss after the Biggest Loser is over."

New to the second competition, Mike plans to offer gift certificates for second and third place Biggest Losers as well as the cash prize for first place.

Competitors will meet once a week for about an hour and a half. They will work out together, weigh in, turn in food diaries and work with Mike and Crystal on any specific issues concerning health, exercise or nutrition.

"The group support is what is going to make it even more fun and more supportive," said Mike. "We're all about building each other up and staying positive with each other. It makes a big difference."

The Biggest Loser will take place between September 15 and December 1. The fee is $50 for Iron Mike's members and $80 for non-members. All the money collected for the initial fee goes into the pot to be given as the grand prize. Mike and Crystal are donating their time to make the Biggest Loser competition the best ever for Boundary County.

For more information, Mike can be reached at 267-5299.


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