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Posted: Oct 12, 2009  16:09

Mobile Mammography Van to Arrive in 2010


Thanks to the generosity of many residents of the inland northwest who donated their change to Safeway stores throughout the region, a mobile mammography van will be up, running and ready to travel throughout Idaho, Spokane and the Columbia Valley to offer convenient mammograms in the comfort and privacy of a high tech van.

According to Cherie Myers, Safeway Public Affairs, Safeway has actually given over $500,000 to Providence Hospital for the new mammography van. With a tentative target of 2010 for the van to be fully functional, women in eastern Washington and Idaho will be the intended target audience to receive the van's services.

"We're so excited to be able to help so many women," Cherie said in an exclusive interview with the Boundary County Digest. "The van will be convenient, accessible and will have the latest digital equipment. It is beautiful, comfortable and very user friendly."

Cherie herself received a mammogram in the other Safeway-sponsored traveling mammography van. She said that from her experience, there was less anxiety associated with having a mammogram because there are no other patients in a waiting area. She explained that there will be only be a receptionist and a technician inside the van. After the mammogram has been completed, the images will be sent to Inland Imaging who will read the mammogram and then send the results to each woman's personal physician. The cost to receive services at the traveling mammography van will be the same as other mammogram providers and the van will accept most insurances.

"With the latest in technology, these vans will deliver much cleaner mammograms," Cherie stated. "They will be able to pick up much more information."

Cherie and the employees of Safeway feel very proud to have accomplished this undertaking. In fact, Cherie added that when the mammography van comes to Bonners Ferry, the Safeway employees will be able to have their mammograms on company time.

"The bottom line is that every penny, nickel and quarter counts," Cherie said of Safeway's fundraising program, which asks customers if they would like to round up their change to the nearest dollar. "Safeway does various things in the stores to raise money for breast cancer and research. The key is to find a cure."

What does Cherie want Boundary County to know about donating change to the traveling mammography van as well as breast cancer research?

"You are making a difference," she stated emphatically. "It doesn't matter if you only give a quarter. Your change counts and it all went for a great cause."

Be watching the Boundary County Digest for further information on the traveling mammography van and when it will be available for screenings in Bonners Ferry.


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