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Posted: Oct 15, 2009  22:13

Space Net Lands At Mount Hall


Mount Hall Elementary School students had something to cheer about on September 30 when they attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the first of the new playground structures that are planned for Mount Hall.

Mt. Hall's Citizens Of The Month Were The First To Explore The New Space Net. George Hayes, Lindsay Hart And Ken Gause Look On.

"The old playground was from the dinosaur days," laughed Principal Angela Armstrong. "It was becoming unsafe and we were beginning to get written up by the state department. I have to give credit to the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho as being the number one contributor as well as Northern Lights."

Mrs. Armstrong indicated that the Mount Hall PTO worked for two years to get the funds to begin replacing the playground equipment by holding fundraisers and soliciting donations. Assisted by the efforts of the playground committee consisting of Lindsay Hart and retired educator, Ken Gause, the award-winning school was finally able to purchase a Space Net for the playground.

According to Mrs. Armstrong, 10 fathers of Mount Hall students showed up to help construct the Space Net on September 26. She said that Jeremy Hill was a major contributor to the project. He excavated the site and removed the top soil. Donating his services enabled the school to save the money it would have taken for site preparation. In addition, Jim Bace, Maintenance Supervisor for Boundary County School District, spent countless hours outside of work helping with the installation of the structure and was an integral part of this operation.

Plans are already underway to replace more of the old playground structures. Mount Hall PTO will hold an auction and more fundraisers. The next structure will hopefully be placed on the playground in the spring.

"The teachers and I are really happy to see the kids so excited to have new playground structures. The kids never complained before but to see the smiles on their faces now is just great," said Mrs. Armstrong.


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