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Posted: Oct 15, 2009  22:34

Wilson's Auto Electric Can "Fix Your Shorts"


The variety of vehicles parked in the front area of Wilson's Auto Electric is indicative of the wide variety of work performed by Jim Wilson: a riding lawn mower, a boat, an Isuzu Rodeo, an older Chevy with a snowplow attachment and a 1939 International pick-up all await Jim's expertise as one of the region's only automotive electrical technicians.

Newly established at Three-Mile Corner, Wilson's Auto Electric has been in business just shy of a year, but in its premier year, business has boomed in a big way.

"My father had an auto shop so I grew up around cars," said Jim. "I rebuilt my first engine at 11 years old and painted my first car at 12 years old. I have a lot of automotive background. I'm a Certified First Year Apprentice in A/C Electronics with the State of Idaho and can also do D/C work. I worked for Steve Shelman at B & D Auto for nearly 15 years doing all the electrical work. Steve was the best employer I ever had in my life and is the finest auto electrician I know. I learned a lot from him. When the time was right, I decided to open my own business. Once I opened the doors of the shop, word of mouth spread like wildfire and I've been busy ever since."

Jim explained that he specializes in rebuilding starters and alternators for any kind of vehicle from commercial big rigs to the family car to old farm tractors. He said that he saves many old parts and has an inventory of old starters and generators from antique tractors. He believes that he has the largest rebuilder inventory within a 50 mile radius around Boundary County and that he has many customers come from Canada, Montana and Washington for both his electrical services and his inventory.

"A big thing that I want people to know is that I can get commercial and industrial starters and alternators at a fair price, sometimes hundreds of dollars less than other retailers. I have wholesale suppliers on both the east and west coasts and can get the parts delivered within two to four days," he said.

Jim can fix electrical shorts on cars, trailers, trucks and big rigs and can rewire cars. In addition, he is willing to make service calls on vehicles, farm equipment and other big equipment such as bobcats.

"I'm honest and do honest work at an honest price," he concluded. "I stand by all my work. Thank the Lord, things are working out. I honestly believe that life is good and if you believe it, you'll achieve it."

Wilson's Auto Electric is located at 510328 Hwy 95. Jim can be reached at 267-5533 or 946-7273.


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