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Posted: Oct 21, 2009  08:40

Badger Volleyball Completes Season, Heads to Districts


For five of the Badger volleyball girls, Mikki Erickson, Hallie Payne, Tana Schneider, Pearl Stoermer, Casey Watt and manager Josie Guthrie, a night of melancholy realization came forth--their last chance to play on their BFHS home court would be over in a mere match. However, amidst this thought was the shrill desire to Karate Kick the Kats. Kellogg walked into the gym gazing at Bonners Ferry's homecoming spirit but still ready to play their game. The Badgers listened with tears in their eyes and soft hearts as Markayle Acord sang the National Anthem in honor of the graduating seniors. Starting out strong, the Badger girls defeated the Wildcats in the first game; intense rallies brought the score 25-22. Experts say if a team can pass and serve well, they will most likely come out on top. The Badgers struggled with both these aspects of the game in their second round against Kellogg demanding a defeat of 14-25. A commendable comeback in the third game led the Badgers back into an extreme fight for victory. What would have been a shameful loss resulted in an admirable score of 22-25 but not that electrifying outcome our girls fought so hard to obtain. The pressure was on our Badgers, meanwhile Kellogg basked among their two to the Badgers' one game lead. The last revering battle brought Kellogg out on top.

The seniors will now roll into districts remembering how six years ago they came together in junior high barely able to overhand serve. Now, they are a family, derived from that group of girls long ago, acing their opponents, assisting their teammates, spiking without remorse and never giving up.

Bonners Ferry vs. Kellogg 25-22, 14-25, 22-25, 20-25
Markayle Acord had 6 kills and five blocks, Mikki Erickson had 6 kills and four aces, Casey Watt had 10 kills and five digs, Pearl Stoermer had six kills, Hallie Payne had five kills, Tana Schneider had 19 assists and Olivia Langs had six digs.

Coach Janis Tucker would like to thank Casey for her contributions for this season's articles. Hopefully, the reader can see that volleyball is more than the final score. Through Casey's insight, readers can experience what the volleyball team endured this season.


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