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Posted: Nov 2, 2009  11:53

Jeppesen and Wall Complete Coast Guard Basic Training


For Cameron Jeppesen and Nick Wall, the last nine weeks have been very busy indeed.

Both young men recently returned to Boundary County for a brief visit from Coast Guard Basic Training at the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape Maine, NJ before reporting for duty aboard US Coast Guard cutters to begin their tours of duty.

"The training was good," said Cameron in an exclusive interview with Boundary County "I know that the Coast Guard's boot camp is the most mentally tough of all the armed forces. It was really stressful but I did good. We started with 80 recruits and ended up with 65."

Cameron related that he hand Nick spent their first week at boot camp completing paperwork. They then formed as a company with the other Coast Guard recruits from around the country. Boot camp took a total of eight weeks where, in addition to rigorous physical conditioning, they learned fire fighting, pistol shooting and seamanship skills such as knot tying and ship safety.

Cameron qualified as a Marksman due to his shooting skill.

After eight weeks of intense physical and mental training, Cameron and Nick earned their Company Colors, completed their Guardian Challenge and graduated.

Cameron has been assigned to the US Coast Guard cutter Midgett, a 378 foot high endurance cutter stationed out of Seattle. Nick has been assigned to the Coast Guard cutter Alert, a 210 foot medium endurance cutter stationed out of Warrenton, OR.

Cameron said that while he and Nick were at boot camp, ESPN filmed their class of recruits for the "First Take" program that will be aired on ESPN on November 10.


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