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Posted: Nov 12, 2009  11:13

Bowling News


Tuesday Troubles

Things got pretty exciting on November 10 at our ladies morning league. Our top bowler made history this day as she not only got all the top scores but bowled a 700 scratch series. This has never been done in the history of the lanes with a woman that anyone is aware of.

Jenny Liermann bowled a 254 high scratch game, 272 high handicap game, 700 high scratch series and 754 high handicap series. Congratulations Jenny!

The ladies having the second high scores were Shirley Elliott, HSG 182, and 251 HHG. Sherri Miller had the third high scratch game of 170 and 3rd HHG of 225. Second high scratch series was Sherri M. with a 502 and Shirley E. a 453 for third. Second HHS was Shirley E. with a 660, and Nina Saunders was third with a 653.

The Wild Ones, Jenny's team, had all the high scores this week. Their high scratch game was 497, high scratch series was 1368, high handicap game was 674 and high handicap series was 1899.

The team standings after 12 weeks are The Three Dueces with 66 wins, The Stu Pin Dous 3 with 62 wins, The Three Aces with 58 wins, The Queens Trio with 58 wins, and The Wilds Ones with 28 wins.

Nancy McHone had three doubles, Jennny had one, Lillie Jimenez had one, Shirley E. had 1one, and Nina S. had one. Sherri M. had a turkey. Jenny had four in a row and then had eight in a row.

Splits were picked up by Jeanne Osborn (6-7-10), Sherri (2-5-7) and Dolores Sweet (5-6).

That's it for this time. Stop on by and see who is bowling in the tournament this weekend. Should be lots of fun!


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