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Posted: Nov 25, 2009  14:33

Bowling News


Tuesday Troubles

On Tuesday, November 24, the ladies league did their best to get some high bowling scores in before the holidays and have some fun doing it. Jenny Liermann led again with the high scratch game of 213 and high scratch series of 529. The next highest scores were by Carolyn McNeill with 179 and Sherri Miller with 168.

The second high scratch series was bowled by Carolyn with a 474 and next was Sherri with a 467.

For the teams, The Wild Ones had the HSG of 454, and HSS of 1255. The Stu Pin Dous 3 had the HHG of 650, while The Three Aces had a 1913 for HHS.

Carolyn Mc., Nina Saunders, Sherri M., Jenny L., all had a double and Shirley Elliott had 2 doubles. Jenny also had a 4-Bagger.

Splits were picked up by Dolores Sweet (2-7), Jenny L. (3-10) and Lila Sweet (2-7-8).

That does it for this week's news. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.


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