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Posted: Nov 30, 2009  12:56

Bowling News


Sunday Moonshiners

Here we are again with bowling news for Sunday, November 29, 2009. Andy Scott, a sub, led the men with all the high scores this week. He bowled a nice 267 for high scratch game, 657 high scratch series, 282 high handicap game and 702 high handicap series.

For the women, Jeanie Richards had a 203 for HSG, 251 for HHG, and a 499 for HSS. Sherri Miller also had a 499 HSS. New bowler, Julia Eleazer, had the high handicap sereies of 656.

The East L.A. Strikers led this week with their 691 HSG, 2024 HSS, and 2537 HHS. White Lightening had the HHG of 875.

Others having a 200 game were Kevin Stockton (201), Andy Scott (210), and Terry Jeppesen (200 & 221). I think Terry was celebrating his birthday! They nearly had to call the fire department, there were so many candles on the cake! Congrats, Terry!

There were some more 500 series bowled as well. Buster Richards (566), Tom Florea (512), birthday boy Terry (589), George Schernitzki (502), and Kevin Stockton (591).

We had some splits converted by several bowlers this week. Elaine Herzog picked up a 5-10, Kevin S. got a 2-7 and a 6-7,Edith Meyers got a 5-7, Jerry Jimenez Jr. got the 4-7-10 and Jerry Sr. got the 5-7 and 2-7.

Those having doubles were Elaine H., Jeanie R., Buster R., Nina Saunders, Roger Miller, Sherri Miller, Burt Eberly, Everet Kittell, Karry Tanner (3), Ron Canida (2), Terry J. (3), Tom Florea (2), Kevin S. (3), Willie Jimenez (2), Jerry Sr. (2) and Jerry Jr. (2).

Turkeys were bowled by Tom F., Buster R., Kevin S., Jeanie R., Roger M., Sherri M., Jerry Jr., and Andy S. Terry J., George S., and Andy S., each had 4 in a row and Andy had eight in a row.

This week we started our first 'Ham Bone Run.' We usually do a 'Turkey Trot' for Thanksgiving and decided to change it for Christmas. With the Ham Bone Run, you pay $1 to enter and the women have to get three strikes in a row while the men have to get four in a row. We had three winners for the first time out. They were Sherri Miller, George Schernitzki and Andy Scott. Makes for a great challenging evening. That does it for this week.


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