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Posted: Dec 3, 2009  19:57

Simple And Delicious: Far-North Deli Opens on South Hill


For those who have been craving something a little different for lunch or perhaps want to grab a tasty, healthy, fast meal on the way home from work, Far-North Deli, located just north of Far-North Outfitters on the east side of Main Street, certainly hits the spot.

Open less than a month, owner Michele Gagnon is committed to offering the highest quality meats and cheeses to her customers. In addition, to hot and cold sandwiches and submarines, Far-North Deli offers an incredible variety of soups, chili, Paninis, wraps, Italian subs, rubens, rachels, meatball sandwiches, French dips, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, bratwurst, cheddar sausage, five different salads and fresh baked cookies or pastries in the clean, bright new deli.

"I carry all the standard deli meats (roast beef, ham, turkey, bologna, etc.) plus some more unusual meats, such as sopressata which is a pork-based salami, as well as a sandwich grade (not pizza grade) pepperoni. The brand of meat that I carry is comparable in every way to the highest quality of meat available; it's not Hormel. I have 15 different meats and 11 different cheeses including some unusual types of cheese such as horseradish cheddar. I am totally committed to offering the best flavor and quality for the best price."

Michele is not kidding about the flavor and quality of her sandwiches. Piled at least three to four inches high, each sandwich includes a choice of two meats that equal six ounces - which is one-third pound of meat - plus two ounces of cheese and a choice of any of a whopping 27 different condiments and toppings. Customers can choose from eight different types of bread and two types of tortillas to enclose their individualized combinations. Add chips and an authentic deli pickle, and you have a feast for lunch or dinner. In fact, Michele is so committed to offering the most reasonable prices for her food that the most expensive item is only $6.95 with many other items ranging in price from 39 cent cookies to 55 cent side salads to a cup of soup for under a buck.

"People can build their own sandwiches from anything we have available. You could come here every day of the week and never eat the same thing twice," Michele laughed. "We also have many options for vegetarians. Everything is fresh from the cheeses to the lettuce to the condiments. This is deli food that is healthy - we do not use any MSG."

TJ Gross, already a devoted, repeat customer, agreed with Michele.

"The sandwiches are delicious," he commented.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, Michele is also offering Party Trays with a tasty selection of meats and cheeses starting at only $10. Call Michele and tell her what you want and she will custom make a Party Tray to your specifications.

Originally from Arizona, Michele moved to Boundary County three years ago and has worked at a variety of jobs since then. Formerly a caterer, she was looking for a business opportunity that would allow her to contribute to the community as well as provide some jobs. Currently, she has two employees, but if her future plans for expansion materialize, there is the possibility of employing even more people.

"Bonners Ferry is my home and I want to put down roots and be a part of the community," she emphasized. "Bonners Ferry is a great hometown."

Michele said that she is always thinking about the future and has a lot of fun ideas for ways to augment her offerings as the seasons change. She is considering offering breakfast sandwiches as well as hot dog specials during the summer.

"I am open to suggestions from customers," Michele stressed. "If there is something specific you want - such as an exotic or ethnic meat or cheese - I'll try to get it in. I feel like I am just adding another dimension to the diversity of food choices here in town. One of my philosophies is to offer the highest quality of food at fair prices, and I am going to stick by that commitment. I want people to know that we're here and we're worth looking for. "

Far-North Deli is located at 6803 South Main Street, just north of Far-North Outfitters. In addition to take out, customers may phone or fax orders to 267-2255 and Michele and her crew will have the order ready for pick-up. Far-north Deli is open from 10am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday.


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