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Letters to the Editor
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Posted: Mar 23, 2010  07:49

Federal Government Sticking Its Nose Where It Does Not Belong


Dear Editor,

I'm tired of the federal government sticking its nose where it does not belong. I'm tired of the federal government's frivolous spending of my hard earned tax dollars. Quite frankly I'm tired of being tired. However, I am very encouraged that our great state is tired of the bureaucrats in Washington as well, and that Idaho is beginning to assert her 10th Amendment Rights against the federal government's out of control over-reaching into state affairs.

If you feel as I do, then please join freedom lovers and patriots from all across the state and the Pacific Northwest this Saturday, March 27, as we welcome Ron Paul to the Morrison Center in Boise. He is the truest proponent of state sovereignty and encourages states to push back against federal erosion of the 10th Amendment.


Kelly Furness
Star, Idaho


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