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Posted: Apr 7, 2010  10:36

Bowling News



On March 30th the high scores were held by several ladies. Jenny Liermann had the high scratch game of 188 and the high scratch series of 505. Dolores Sweet had a 241 for high handicap game, and Carolyn McNeill had a 672 for handicap series.

Secone high scratch game was a 178 by Carolyn Mc. and third high was 177 by Sherri Miller. Second high scratch series was bowled by Carolyn with her 501, and third high was a 447 by Sherri M. Carolyn Mc. had a 235 for second high handicap game, and Carol Phillips had a 234 for third HHG. Second HHS was bowled by Carol P. with 636, while Shirley Elliott came in third with a 625.

The Wild Ones had the HSG of 482 and HSS of 1310. The Stu Pin Dous 3 had a 645 for the HHG and a 1847 for HHS.

Not a lot of doubles bowled this Tuesday, but some of the fortunate ones were Sherri M., Nancy Adams, Carolyn McNeill, Dolores Sweet with 2, and Jenny Liermann with 2. Evelyn Smith and Carolyn Mc. each had a Turkey.

Splits were picked up by Nina Saunders (5-9-10) and Dolores S. (2-7).

Only 2 left and anything can happen. See you next time with more news from A.J.'s Lanes.


It is all over for this league. On April 4th, we bowled for the last time and Buster Richards went out with a bang! He started out leading with his scratch game of 222, came back the second game with 230, and finished out with a 231, giving him the high scratch series of 683. He also had a 256 high handicap game and 758 for high handicap series.

For the women it was little different story. We just seemed to kick back and enjoy the night. Sherri Miller had the high scratch game of 168, Loni Hooper had a 227 for high handicap game, Lillie Jimenez had a 459 for high scratch series, and Nancy Bornemann had a 626 for high handicap series.

The Home Town Heroes ended up winning the second half of the season with 66 wins. They came in late in the season and shot to the top the second half. Congratulations to Elaine Herzog, Julia and Levi Eleazer and Ron Canida. Coming in second were White Lightening (Bob McGraw, Burt Eberly, Jeanie and Buster Richards) with 58 wins, beating out the East L.A. Strikers ( Dad Willie, Mom Lil, son Jerry, grandson Jerry Jr) with total pins, giving them third with 58 wins. The Gutter Rats (Evert Kittell, Nina Saunders, Jon Rogers, Kevin Stockton) came in fourth with 56 wins, We Bad (Karry Tanner, MaryAnn Dinning, Brenda Parks, Edith Myers) was fifth with 42 wins, The Brewers (Tom and Cathy Florea, Nancy Bornemann, Terry Jeppesen) were fifth with 36 wins, and The Tipsies (Loni Hooper, Roger and Sherri Miller, George Schernitzki) were sixth with 30 wins. The White Lightening team, with some help from their anchor man Buster, had all the highs for evening. HIgh scratch game of 691, HHG of 882, HSS of 2000, and HHS of 2573.

Jerry Jimenez Sr. had the only 200 game, an even 200. Jerry also had a 514 series, and Terry J. and George S. each had a 506, for the other 500's bowled.

Those having the luck to pick up a split were Tom Florea with a 4-5, Bob McGraw a 4-5-7, Ron Canida a 2-7 and a 3-5-7, Julia Eleazer a 3-10, and Jerry Jr. a 3-10.

Doubles were bowled by Jerry Sr., Lil J., Burt E., Jeanie R., Tom F., and Sherri M. Jon R. had 2, Buster R. and Terry J. each had 3. Jerry Sr. and George S. were able to snag a turkey, while Buster was able get a 4 bagger and 5 in a row.

That is the end of this season. Next week I will give you the final standings of all the teams and the top bowlers finishing in the top spots.


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