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Posted: May 4, 2010  09:33

Bowling News


Tuesday Troubles

Since I was forgetful and didn't get week 31 in the paper, I will just have to start there and move forward with all the final news for this season.

The top scores for week 31 were held by Jenny Liermann with a 223 for high scratch game and 574 high scratch series. Nancy McHone had a 269 high handicap game and 704 high handicap series. Nancy carries a 122 average and bowled a 191 game , which gave her the second high game for the morning and second high series of 470. Dolores Sweet had the third high scratch game of 163 and 416 for third high scratch series. She also had a 238 for second HHG and 641 for second HHS. Donna Kent was in third with her 225 HHG and 614 HHS.

High scoring team was The Wild Ones with a 485 HSG, 1434 HSS, 646 HHG and 1917 HHS.

Doubles were bowled by Dolores Sweet, Carol Phillips, Nancy McHone, and Jenny Liermann had 2. Nancy also had a turkey and 4 in a row, and Jenny also had 4 in a row.

Spits picked up were a 6-10 by Jenny, a 2-7 by Shirley Elliott, a 5-7-9 by Babe Troyer, and Lil Jimenez picked up a 3-10 twice.

Now we can move on to our last week of bowling, week 32. The high scoring team were the Wild Ones again, for at least 3 of the top scores. They had a 512 HSG, 1405 HSS, and a 672 for HHG. The Stu Pin Dous 3 took honors of HHS with their 1944.

Jenny Liermann had the HSG of 214 and HSS of 583. Jeanne Osborn had the HHG of 242 while Dolores Sweet had the HHS of 668.

Second high scratch game was by Jeanne Osborn with a 171, and second high series was by Dolores Sweet with 443. Carolyn McNeill had the third high scratch game of 164 and Shirley Elliott had the third high scratch series of 442.

Babe Troyer came in second with a 235 for handicap game and Nancy McHone had a 230 for third high score. Second high handicap series was held by Babe with her 656, and Jeanne had a 649 for third high handicap series.

Carol Phillips picked up a 3-10 split, Nancy McHone picked up a 5-6, Shirley Elliott got the 2-7, and Babe Troyer got a 3-10 as well as a 9-10 split.

Ladies having doubles were Dolores Sweet with 2, Sherri Miller, and Jenny Liermann with 3. Jenny also had 4 in a row.

Now for the final standings for the year. Winners of the first half were The Three Dueces and winners of the second half were the Stu Pin Dous 3.

This is the final line up of winners. In first place were The Stu Pin Dous 3 (Donna Kent, Dolores Sweet, and Jeanne Osborn) had 164 wins, followed by The three Aces (Nancy Adams, Babe Troyer, and Shirley Elliott) with 158 wins. In third place were The Queens Trio (Virginia Sanborn, Evelyn Smith, and Carolyn McNeill) with 150 wins, who tied with The Three Dueces (Lila Sweet, Nina Saunders, and Sherri Miller) also with 150 wins. And last, but not least were The Wild Ones (Nancy McHone, Carol Phillips, and Jenny Liermann) with 120 wins.

The Wild Ones had the HSG of 577, HSS of 1561, and HHG of 709, and The Stu Pin Dous 3 had the HHS of 2078. Jenny ended up with all the high scores, a 264 HSG, 700 HSS, 279 HHG and 754 HHS.

So, this ends our season. We had a lot of fun on our awards get together, and lots of good food for our pot luck lunch. We will look forward to our next season and hope to have some new bowlers signed up to join us. We will be starting the day after Labor Day, at 9:15 in the morning, and have 3 women to each team. If any ladies would like to join up, please feel free to sign up at AJ's Lanes. Have a great summer.


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