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Posted: Jan 11, 2011  13:10

Coming Events At The Boundary County Historical Society And Museum


Gini Woodward, President
Boundary County Historical Society

Jaunuary 11, 2011

Your Boundary County Museum is open 10-4 Fridays and Saturdays for the winter. Under all the ice and snow, history is coming alive with new exhibits and activities, including the 4th Annual Spin In at the Event Center next to the museum.

To honor an old European tradition, local spinners and weavers will gather at the museum on Saturday January 16 from 10-2 for a Spin-in and pot-luck lunch to celebrate a return to spinning after the holidays. In the old country this day was known as Roc Day or St. Distaff's Day and was celebrated on the twelfth day of Christmas. The Boundary County Spin-In has been a tradition for nearly thirty years. This is the fourth year for the event to be held at the museum.

Spinners, weavers, and knitters are invited to bring their wheels and projects and work together for a few hours. The public is invited to watch the demonstrations as fibers are turned to yarn, then cloth, and finally usable goods in the traditional ways of earlier workers. An exhibit of vintage textiles, spinning wheel, rug loom, and a circular sock knitting machine will add interest to the gathering. New this year is a "Textile Roadshow". Bring in that old folded up textile Grandma left behind and learn how it was created. Gini Woodward will identify techniques and there will be references available to learn more about your show and tell. There will be no monetary appraisals, each piece is priceless. Admission is free.


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