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Posted: Jan 17, 2011  12:58

Susan Johnson Accomplishes First Solo Flight


Nathaniel Cheshire
Chief Flight Instructor
Northern Air

Susan Johnson accomplished her first solo flight on her sixteenth birthday. Sixteen is the minimum age for student pilots to solo. Susan follows her two big sisters footsteps in becoming a pilot. At the age of fifteen, she enrolled in Ground School at Northern Air and began her flight training simultaneously with the goal of solo on her sixteenth birthday. Everything had to work out just right. Three months later, Susan had completed Ground School and her pre-solo flight training. She was ready. The unpredictable factor was weather. The day came and the weather was good. Her family came to the airport to support her and watch this special event. The pressure was on. Susan rose to the challenge and made three safe solo landings. She has one year to perfect her flying skills before taking her test for her license. The minimum age for a Private Pilot license is seventeen. Watch for her to get her license in a year!


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