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Posted: Feb 10, 2011  08:47

New Instrument Pilot In Boundary County!


Nathaniel Cheshire
Flight Instructor
Northern Air

Air Traffic Control clears Jasper Jessop to the Spokane International airport as filed, climb and maintain 10,000 feet. Leaving 7,000 feet, contact Seattle Center on 123.95, squawk 4321.

On Thursday, the third of February, Jasper Jessop of Porthill added an Instrument Rating to his Pilot Certificate. This enables him to receive clearances to fly through the clouds. The flight test required him to fly the airplane precisely with no outside visual references. Jasper communicated with air traffic control to maintain separation from the steady flow of Air Force Tankers, UPS Cargo Jets, and Commercial Airliners. Jessop utilized Northern Air's new flight simulator to help prepare for the test. Jasper's next goal is to become a Commercial Pilot.


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