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Posted: Dec 10, 2004, 21:35

Scenic Chatcolet Lake has its own Indian legend
"The following was published in The Coeur d’Alene Press, Centennial Edition, Section Three, Page 5, 1963"


Scenic Chatcolet lake, is one of several bodies of water in the area with an Indian legend, according to C. G. Green, who was a pioneer resident of Moscow, when his story of the legend appeared in the Coeur d’Alene Press July 1, 1937.

“When Indians knew and fished for trout in Chatcolet, it was a small glacial lake fed by a small creek,” Green related.

“Many subscribed to the legend that the lake was named after an Indian maiden, Chatcolet, who died in its waters after her love for a gallant young Canadian-French trapper had been thwarted."

“This small lake of Indian days was made into one two miles long when the Post Falls dam was laid across the Spokane river in 1906-07.”

Continuing to bring the history of the lake up-to-date at that time Green said:

“By this dam, three formerly separate waters were married so that now a motorboat may spin from Lake Chatcolet into the Shadowy St. Joe river, and from there into Coeur d’Alene Lake.

“Until 45 years ago, Chatcolet catered entirely to the trout family. In the spring of 1890 when Fernan lake overflowed, black bass escaped which have descended into thousands of large-mouths which have made Chatcolet famous among fishermen.”


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