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Posted: Feb 11, 2005  07:58

CEDU announces closure of RMA


Bob Naples, President and CEO of CEDU Education announced on Feb. 10, that Rocky Mountain Academy (RMA) in Naples will close on Feb. 14. At that time it is expected that all students will have transferred to other programs. If not, the company will care for them until an appropriate placement is found.

"Over the past three years, the management of CEDU Education labored tirelessly in the search for effective leadership at Rocky Mountain Academy and in implementing a curriculum that would deliver only the best emotional growth education for the students,” explained Bob Naples, President and CEO of CEDU Education. “In many respects, we were successful. However, we failed to recruit and place at Rocky Mountain Academy a school director with the skills to manage a cohesive group of staff. Our leadership shortfalls created a negative marketplace opinion that made it difficult to build a census for successful school operation."

Naples added that recently several key staff members had resigned from RMA.

"It would be difficult to replace these positions in a timely manner and to allow us the assurances that our students would be safe and continue to receive a solid emotional growth education,” Naples said. “That being said, it is with the best interest of the students of Rocky Mountain Academy to close the school and to find alternative placements for them."

With 19 students currently enrolled at RMA, CEDU is committed to finding the right program for each of the displaced students and to assist families in relocating these children.

"This was an emotional decision for everyone involved,” Naples said. “But at the end of the day, it came down to the fact that we are in the business of helping children. And by closing RMA, we will better serve these students with alternative placements and put our resources into our successful schools and programs. We have eight viable, successful therapeutic programs that are staffed with experienced individuals. Each has a unique signature and is doing an outstanding job of serving the needs of the children in their programs.”

CEDU will offer the number of employees affected by the closure other positions within the company. Some will leave the company. Those leaving the company will receive severance. At this time, the company is planning to create a museum to permanently capture the history of Rocky Mountain Academy, its students, and faculty.


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