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Letters to the Editor
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Posted: Apr 22, 2009  11:08

Understanding Good Nutrition


You really showed you care about our community by printing Ingrid Pavia’s article, “Cancer Happened One Morning.” It was encouraging to hear about new alternatives in health care. The disclaimer was fine to refer us to the medical profession, but most of us don’t realize that their specialty is “disease” not “health.”

We tend to abuse our bodies in this day and age, not always knowing. Not long ago, I thought I understood good nutrition, but the symptoms of illness I had were growing. It was a decision I made “one morning” to seek answers. I found them at Cathy Thompson’s Natural Health Improvement Center. Through simple changes in diet, my whole family’s health has been improving. It hasn’t cost us more, we’ve been detoxifying, losing weight and feeling so much better. Obviously, we are glad we did our homework and very likely avoided serious consequences.

To anyone I’d say that whatever program you follow, the best will leave you feeling better rather than worse, with your dignity intact. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal when nutritional deficiencies are addressed. I think it’s safe to say none of us are deficient in poison on radiation.

All the best to Kristina Martino!


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