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Posted: May 8, 2009  14:40

Abuse of Power, An Impeachable Offense


Governors are not Kings! Someone needs to explain to the Governor of Idaho the proper use of checks and balances according to the Separation of Powers Doctrine. The executive branch enforces the law, the judicial branch interprets the law, and the legislative branch makes the law. If the legislative branch doesn't believe a law is necessary, it is an 'abuse of power' for the governor to force them into supporting bad law [i.e., an increase in the gas tax] by vetoing other good laws [passed budget bills]. In other words, it is ethically wrong for a governor to impose his will upon the legislature to make laws he thinks is necessary by using the veto powers. This is a usurpation of legislative jurisdiction.

Veto powers should only be used as a check on bad laws that managed to get past both houses of the legislature. For example, if the governor's office found a law to be contrary to the Constitution of Idaho, he has the responsibility to protect the people through the veto powers. Another example would be a law that is passed by the legislature, which is in direct contradiction to another law. The governor would have to violate one law to enforce another. These are examples of the correct use of the veto powers. With few exceptions, the governor should respect the will of the elected senators and representatives and sign bills passed by both houses.

What Governor Otter is doing by vetoing good laws to enforce his will to obtain bad laws or laws contrary to the will of the people through their elected representatives is in my mind an impeachable offense.

Power is addicting, case and point. Men and women who abuse their government powers should be removed from office, either through legal proceedings or the ballot box.


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