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Posted: May 21, 2009  22:56

Opening Day at Moose Valley Farms


From left: Lesley Harris, Kamren Pariso, Teresa Wardle, Maureen Wardle and Mindy Ahner enjoyed Opening Day at Moose Valley Farms.

With a parking lot filled to capacity and picnic tables decorated with flowering plants and balloons, Moose Valley Farms opened for spring business on Saturday, May 2.

With the greenhouses literally bursting to capacity, Moose Valley offered free food and lively county music to neighbors and friends who sat together amid a profusion of flowering plants in the warm sunshine, enjoying the company and the festive atmosphere.

"We live in the area and for the last couple of years, have walked down for opening day," said Teresa Wardle.

Willie and Darlene Peachey made their famous ice cream for opening day.

"We got here at 10:00 a.m. and started doctoring up the ice cream," said Darlene. "We made 18 gallons. Willie had the idea to set up the old "putt putt engines" on the ice cream makers a couple of years ago."

Moose Valley experienced a very busy day selling plants, seeds, and items from the garden shop that was well-stocked with garden decorations and supplies.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center bus was in attendance as well, making it easy for community members to donate blood to a much needed cause.

Tyler Verzier, a Moose Valley employee, said, "We sold more than 500 hot dogs, so probably 500 to 600 people have been through here today. It's been quite a bit of work, but it's been fun."


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