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Posted: Jun 9, 2009  09:47

Amy Farrell Love Quilt Finds a Home

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Chris Schnuerle And Connie Purinton With The Amy Farrell Love Quilt.

When Chris Schnuerle first heard that Connie Purinton had created a hand-made quilt in memory of Amy Farrell and that the money that was made when the quilt was raffled would go to the Amy Farrell Scholarship Fund, she knew that she had to buy tickets. Even more than that, she knew that if she won the quilt, she was going to turn around and give it to Joe and Nancy Farrell.

"Amy and I had been friends for a long time and when I heard that Connie had done this, I wanted to buy tickets. The quilt is such a wonderful expression of their daughter. Amy was such a sweet, sweet girl."

Sponsored by Rotary of Bonners Ferry, the quilt has been garnering funds since its creation. Wilma DeVore, who has been in charge of the quilt raffle, said that in excess of $3,000 has been accumulated for the Amy Farrell Scholarship Fund.

Interestingly enough, Chris had just purchased $20 worth of tickets the day of the raffle.

"I'm still kind of shaky," laughed Chris as she received the quilt from Connie and Wilma. "I bought the tickets with the intent to give the quilt to Joe and Nancy. Thanks to Connie for her work and Rotary for sponsoring the raffle. I'm sure the Farrells will be very blessed to get this gift from Connie. It was just meant to be."


June 10, 2009

Thank you Connie for making this gift of love on behalf of our sweet Amy, our shooting star. The quilt came out beautiful! Thank you Chris & Phil for giving this to Joe & I, brought tears of joy. And thank you to all those who purchased raffle tickets to add to Amy,s Scholarship fund. This town continues to be amazing...Bless you all!

Nancy Farrell


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