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Posted: Jun 15, 2009  22:15

Circus Delights Audience


Under the blue and white striped big top that miraculously appeared in one day at the fairgrounds, the magical world of the Cullpepper & Merriweather Circus delighted two full houses of Boundary County residents with daring feats of balance, exotic animals and a liberal dose of humor. Sponsored by the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club, everything about the circus was light-hearted and entertained youngsters and oldsters alike.

When Jim Paulus, master of ceremonies, proclaimed, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, let the show begin," the jungle big cats, well groomed and healthy looking, took center stage to perform tricks. This may have been the first time that many in the audience had seen a lion and two tigers close up.

The trapeze artist performed impressive acrobatic maneuvers with balance and grace. One of the most notable tricks was her ability to hang from the trapeze bar by her neck.

Next, one of the members of the troupe performed a balance board act, juggling balls and climbing onto increasingly higher steps above the balance board, increasing the level of difficulty with each trick.

The clown dressed in striped leggings, a poofy dress, outrageous hair, the obligatory oversized shoes and the traditional red nose cavorted and made fun of the audience. Bringing an audience member into the ring, she made the audience laugh with her silly antics.

One of the more intriguing acts was a pair of dancers. Somehow, the woman changed her dress many times during the dance routine, adding a bit of magic to the show.

A family of unicyclists twirled and jumped on their single wheel, performing such tricks as jumping a rope and juggling flaming torches while astride very tall unicycles.

During the intermission, the audience was invited to get pictures taken with the longest member of this traveling show: an albino python.

The ring mistress, adorned in rider's clothes complete with a top hat, welcomed everyone back from the break. Her act with the clown as they juggled pins back and forth was hilarious.

A short performance with the birds of paradise followed before the clown came back for her third performance, making the children giggle with her antics in an aerial hammock as she tried to take a nap.

The tightrope walkers concluded the show, balancing on a thin rope high above the crowd, while carrying a balance pole, jumping and sitting on a chair. For the final trick, the man carried the woman across on his shoulders.

It was a great show and an enjoyable way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Thank you to the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club for organizing this fun family entertainment.


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