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Posted: Jun 18, 2009  15:27

There's Always Room for Art

Naples Gallery Summer Opening Celebration


Suzanne Lublin And Mason Prepare For The Summer Opening At Naples Gallery

Leaving Highway 95 and driving up the short lane to the Naples Gallery, pine trees towering overhead, is like entering another world. Greeted by the distinctive vibrancy of the gallery and the Lublin home, visitors are greeted by spring flowers and a Siamese cat named Mason sunning himself on the porch.

Suzanne Lublin, owner of the gallery, explained, "This is the first year in eight years that we haven't been open all year. My husband, Jim, and I have been laid up from accidents, so we took time off to get a new perspective, a new start. Our Summer Opening Art Show is about coming out with a bang."

Suzanne is very excited about the Summer Opening, which will be held from 4 pm to 9 pm on Friday, June 19.

"The existing artists who have been with the gallery for eight years have brought in all new art that has never been seen before. We also have new artists who will be presenting work for the first time. We're very excited because it's so new and different," she said.

Twenty-one artists will be exhibiting their work. Most are local artists who are masters of their particular medium. The show will include a significant amount of plein air, oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, gourd art, fused glass, pottery, furniture, turned wood bowls and photography. Wood and antler items, including Alaskan ulu knives, will also be on display.

"These are all accomplished artists, some internationally known," explained Suzanne. "Most of them have many years of experience and formal art training. Many are multi-faceted and can work in all mediums. There will be just a few pieces from each artist. It's going to be very diverse."

The incredible classical music of Rosie Samter will be featured in the festive atmosphere and Suzanne says there will be plenty of food. She plans to display the artwork both inside the gallery and outside as well.

"The great thing is that people can come and meet the artists," she mentioned. "It's going to be a big celebration of art and artists."

Although Suzanne prefers to sell originals, there will be some prints available at the show as well.

Suzanne is very familiar with the art world. She was formerly a buyer of fine art and fine gifts for 21 gift shops located in upscale hotels in Las Vegas. She moved to Portland after marrying Jim, whom she had been acquainted with 23 years earlier and met again through a chance occurrence while they were both in their 40's. They have been married for 14 years now. They moved to Bonners Ferry after Suzanne's parents' home was destroyed in the Cerra Grande Fire in Taos, NM. Too old to want to rebuild their home, Suzanne's father remembered Bonners Ferry from his youth when he lived here briefly as a child because his father was a conservationist at the time. Of all the places Suzanne's dad had lived, Bonners Ferry felt the most like home and he had brought his family to vacation here many times.

Additionally, Suzanne's uncle had married a Bonners Ferry girl, so the family often came to visit them as well. After Suzanne's parents moved here, and wanting a change from what they were doing and where they were living at the time, Jim and Suzanne decided to relocate to Boundary County as well.

"Because of my marketing experience and Jim's building experience as a contractor, plus the fact that my family has always collected art, we decided to open an art gallery. We intentionally looked for property that was off the highway. The current property is part of the family estate," Suzanne explained.

Suzanne is very happy to have her family close to her. For the first time in many years, her sister, who recently moved to Paradise Valley to be with their mother, and her brother, a geologist living in Republic, WA, are in fairly close proximity to each other.

Suzanne gives extensive credit for the success of the gallery to Jim. She said that he is a very talented musician in his own right and that his skill and knowledge are essential in setting up the equipment for the musical performances that accompany the shows at the gallery. Due to his extensive experience in construction, he also designed and built their deck, which doubles as a stage and takes care of nearly everything around the gallery and their home.

"The gallery has just grown and grown," commented Suzanne. "Every show we have is more successful. I offer the service of marketing and the gallery brings the community together to see the artists' work. It's important that everyone is in touch with the fine arts, especially since there are so many talented artists in the area. I also insist that parents bring their children to the gallery; they need to be exposed to art early in their lives. Jim and I are looking forward to a great turnout. It should be the best show we've ever had. The show is open to the public. This is your invitation to come celebrate art."

Naples Gallery is located at mile marker 495 across from Moose Valley Farms. It is open most Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and always by appointment.

Call 267-6575 to see if it will be open during the week because it often is.


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