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Posted: Jun 26, 2009  10:25

Restorium Report May


Greetings Boundary County from the Restorium! May was a very eventful month with all the activities that took place. Mother's Day gifts were given to all our ladies at the Restorium. Jeri Witt and Nancy Carrington made beautiful bracelets while Elaine Hodson crocheted pretty pins. The ladies then went to a Mother's Day Tea at the fairgrounds on May 4, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.

Cinco De Mayo was enjoyed over plates of Nacho Supreme. On Memorial Day, the Restorium had a float for some of our residents so they could participate in our local parade. Throwing candy to the kids from the float was fun for them.

The residents received a large flat screen TV that was donated by Dean Haggeson from the Kate Haggeson Memorial Fund. They really enjoy the bigger screen and having it mounted on the wall for ease of use. Movie Day will never be the same! A BIG Thank you to Dean for his generosity and care.

The birthdays for May were: Viola Rosengrant: May 16, Jane Doolin: May 26 and Doris Herman: May 28th. Happy Birthday!

Friends of the Restorium has donated the money to purchase lumber and soil for our raised garden beds and we are anxious to get that project underway. The residents look forward to being able to grow things and get outside while the weather is nice. We hope to begin our bar-b-cue season soon. There's nothing like the fresh air of our beautiful community.

If you have helpful ideas or some extra time on your hands to donate to any of our projects, please feel free to come in and talk with us. We appreciate everything our volunteers do for us!


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