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Posted: Jul 1, 2009  09:19

Children to Children Hopes to Save Colombian Orphanage


In 1950, a dream came true for the religious sisters of Cali, Colombia: a home that offers proper upbringing to the needy children of that city. That's how Fry Luis Amigó Orphanage began. This orphanage has provided a home and safe haven for many young girls, providing for all of their needs: living, food, training, spiritual life, psychology, social skills and medical services.

Some Of The Students Of The Fry Luis Amigó Orphanage.

This orphanage started with 20 little girls, six to 12 years old, and soon 30 more joined, who were received with great joy. These children were among the poorest of the city of Cali. They are supported by one of the religious sister's income, some money from individuals, as well as food, clothing and the help from one of the institutions of the state, which at one time was suspended.

The little girls at the orphanage would go to school in the morning and do some extracurricular activities-such as sewing, embroidering and knitting-in the afternoon.

From 1990 until 2008, the state institution renewed its contract with the orphanage to provide enough aid for 25 children, which ensured full attention in the growth of these children physically, spiritually and psychologically.

In 2009, this orphanage continues to support 60 little girls thanks to the charity from many people who provide in different ways. Due to a substantial loss of income ($2,500 per month) the orphanage is operating on a week by week basis. In the event that donations are not made, these girls will be left homeless on the streets of Cali.

The Children to Children project did not start as an unknown solicitation from an unknown source; it was started several years ago to teach the spirit of giving to children at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Bonners Ferry. Fr. Carlos Perez visits the orphanage at least once a year to check on the children. Due to the shortage of funds, community members have stepped up to help the orphanage and see that the children have a home. It is the intent of Children to Children to provide support and save the orphanage.

We believe in supporting charities in the community as well as here in the US, however we also see needs around the world. While we cannot save the world, we have become involved with this orphanage to do our little part to help in one corner and make a difference in the lives of 60 little girls who would otherwise be on the streets of Cali. We can't even imagine 60 little girls being put on the streets of Cali, Colombia. We are all taught as Christians to take care of the poor, and we understand that it is very difficult when it involves 60 precious girls. We understand that times are tough for everyone but most of us can still reach into our pockets and buy the food and daily items that the orphans need. There are no other pockets for these girls to reach for.

For more information on Children to Children program, please contact Kelly Hinthorn at 267-5126, Margaret Mellett at 255-6827 or Fr. Carlos Perez at 946-3734.

Please know that 100 percent of all donations go directly to the orphanage and all contributions are tax deductible.


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