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Letters to the Editor
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Posted: Jul 1, 2009  09:46

Thanks And A Caution Concerning Militias


Two subjects upon which to comment. First, many thanks to the Rod Benders for the fascinating display of cars both old and not-so-old. That event must have required many hours of planning and hard work.

Second, the militia problem. I believe two letters have justified the militia formation at present by comparing them to the militia of the revolutionary period in our nation's history and stressing the patriotism of those groups. Such a comparison is not realistic. Today, well over 200 years later, our country is not the country of the late 18th century. Today every city, county, state and certainly the nation have organizations to respond to natural and man-made disasters, to administer laws and to maintain order. Not so in the 18th and early 19th century. Hence, the Second Amendment to the Constitution sanctioning a "well regulated militia." Who or what groups regulate today's militias? Just anyone with a personal agenda, prejudice, or hope? Remember the KKK and the Nazi Brownshirts. As for a group of volunteers, in this community we have never lacked for volunteers working for and with "well regulated" organizations that already exist here.

William Morris


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