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Posted: Jul 20, 2009  10:28

"Mall of America" in Moyie Springs


Nora Robbins, Chief Cook, Chats With George And Shirley Elliott, Owners Of The Moyie Store.

In the last three years since we bought the Moyie Store, the business has undergone a huge and wonderful transformation. People who live in the east portion of the county figured out long ago that, considering the price of gas let alone travel time, it was more cost effective to shop for a variety of items at their nearby Moyie Store than it was to drive all the way into Bonners Ferry. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who already shop here and to let the rest of the county know what it is we do and to encourage you to shop locally.

We now have a lovely café featuring a new and expanded dining area. The kitchen is also now larger and more capable. We offer a deli bar with sandwiches, cappuccinos and fountain sodas as well as a new ice cream bar. We provide dinner specials such as friend chicken and peelable shrimp, all at very reasonable prices. We have several vegetarian items including vegetarian pizzas, salads and sandwiches. We also have a full take-out menu. Many truck drivers from the mill call ahead and we have their meals ready when they want them. We make our own muffins and turnovers. People love our peach-granola and banana nut muffins as well as our huckleberry turnovers. Usually we make two batches a day so they are always fresh. We also offer pizza by the slice at lunchtime. We are basically a full service restaurant and deli.

In addition to expanding the food services, Moyie Store offers high-speed Internet service in the cafe. Many people come in, fire up their laptops and use the Internet while enjoying a muffin and a cup of coffee. In the near future, we plan to be a full featured Internet café with fully capable services for those without a computer.

Moyie Store has close to a full service grocery store as well. We carry fresh fruit and produce including red and green peppers, tomatoes, celery, spinach and both iceberg and romaine lettuce. We sell fresh and frozen meat, frozen shrimp and sausage made according to George's personal recipe by South Hill Meat Locker. We sell honey produced by our own bees, dairy products, cheese and economy-sized canned goods and picnic supplies. We carry a full line of beer, soda, energy drinks, milk and local farm fresh eggs, many from here in Moyie Springs. If you want a fine wine for the evening or a Sunday picnic, you can be sure to get it here. We have snack foods of all sorts as well as food for your four legged friends.

There has never been an ATM in Moyie before, but now there is and it gets used often. In addition to gas and diesel, we sell ice, Idaho hunting and fishing licenses, tackle, worms, lottery tickets and scratches. We also provide firewood, propane, novelties and gifts. Now attached to the store is a small engine service and sales department. We feel we have one of the best small engine repair shops in the county. Joe Lindemood has 30-plus years of experience and is probably the best carburetor repair mechanic around. He can fix most anything within 24 hours if parts are available. We can meet all your small engine needs from lawnmowers to rototillers and chain saws, or sell you a newly refurbished one. Also we can provide backhoe services for your larger needs. Joe can be reached at 267-9000. We stand behind everything repaired in the shop.

The exterior of our store is improving all the time as well. We have landscaped with colorful flowerbeds that brighten the entrance to the store. We now have an outside seating area with picnic tables for those wanting to enjoy our fresh mountain air. We have an RV park in the back complete with laundry, restroom and showers. There is even a display of the handcrafted cedar picnic tables and bear-carved benches that are available for purchase.

Our full service tavern has karaoke every Friday night and live music many weekends. It has a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere.

One thing that really pleases us about the business is that we employ about 12 people with the majority of them living here in Moyie Springs. The store and tavern have become a community center for the Moyie area. If anyone needs almost anything, they can come here. The huge inventory of products and services we provide is why we jokingly refer to ourselves as the "Mall of America - Moyie Springs!"

Some people may not have been in the store for many years but when they stop in and see the wonderful changes, they are amazed, and every week it just gets better and better.

We are open seven days a week from 6am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and 7am to 8pm on Sunday. Our phone number is 267-6266. Stop in and say hello any time!


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