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Posted: Jul 8, 2009  12:02

Summer 2009 Appraisal Area

      Boundary County Assessor

Assessor's Office appraisal staff will be working in the southern part of the county from July through December this year. All of township 61 North, which extends from the southern city limits of Bonners Ferry to the twenty mile road, and from the east to the west of the county, will be this year's inspection area. We are required to physically inspect at least 20% of the county each year and appraisers appreciate permission to access your property, but that permission is only requested, not required. If your property is posted no trespassing, appraisers will call and ask. If it is not posted, they will knock on your door. The new construction appraiser will be working the entire county and all appraisers do have photo identification, so please do not hesitate to call 267-3301 and ask if you are unsure or have questions. Thank you.


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