Blood gives life. Blood is medicine. Blood binds community.

Honoring donors by giving back to your community is why the Blood
Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest was founded five years
ago. Our purpose is to provide financial support to the mission of
blood banking and related services in eastern Washington and north
Idaho, giving back to other non-profits, charitable undertakings and
the Inland Northwest Blood Center, now known as Vitalant.

It has been a fascinating year for the Blood Center Foundation of the
Inland Northwest. On January 1, we transitioned from a public charity
to a private foundation, which meant two important things:

  1. Fundraising efforts continue to focus on financial donors who wish
    to make gifts in honor or in memory of loved ones, those who wish to
    give funds in lieu of blood or platelet donation and those who wish to
    leave their legacy to the Foundation in estate plans.
  2. Grant investments remain dedicated to the support of both regional
    non-profits and Vitalant. The “default” private foundation IRS
    investment rule is to give 5% of fixed asset value in grants annually.
    For this Foundation, that means giving around $350,000 in grants each
    year. Details of our community investments are outlined below.

Maya Angelou said, “when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully,
everyone is blessed.” Thank you for blessing us with your support and
celebrating our mission to give back!

Many thanks,
Loreen McFaul, Executive Director
Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest