Boundary County School District #101 is requesting a renewal of the existing Levy amount ($2.4 million annually) in order to maintain the current level of education and services provided to our students and families.

• M&O Levy dollars help bridge the gap between State and Federal funding and what it actually costs to educate our students.
• 93/149 Idaho Public School Districts currently operate under M&O Levies.
• BCSD101’s current Levy (2.4 million annually) expires June 30, 2019.
• BCSD101 runs an M&O Levy every 2 years.

The M&O levy helps fund… Safety and security projects, Training, Smaller class sizes, Instructional Materials, Teacher salaries and benefits, Technology (1:1 device ratio), Support staff, Facilities maintenance, Student Extra & Co-curricular Activities, Music, Band, Art, and PE (Elementary Schools).

Remember: Community members are encouraged to attend School Board meetings and community workshops to provide input and feedback. Also, visit our district’s website at for regular updates.

For much more detailed information about the upcoming Levy
visit the link to info on the district website here.

And remember to get out and vote, March 12, 2019!