Saturday, May 4

The team members, as well as parents, were invited to a shoot at Libby, MT., last Saturday.

Attending were Ron and Kristie Campbell, and daughter Melanie, Paul Carelli and son Ryan, Brain McDonald and son Wyatt, Dane Hathaway with cousin Wyatt Hathaway and Wyatt’s parents, Zane Carver, Jake Cowell, and Colin Fairchild.

I believe every Claybuster won at least one event. Great shooting by everyone from Bonners Ferry.

Melanie Campbell was one of two winners in the 5 shots from 40 yards back.

Colin and Ryan each won a special made silver coin. Melanie Campbell one of two winners in the 5 shots from 40 yards back.

Six teams competed in the Flurry Shoot, three person team with 25 birds, birds come out one at a time no calling for the birds, each shooter has to shoot his own bird. The team of Paul Carelli, son Ryan Carelli and Ron Campbell, won the shoot off against the Libby youth coach Mike Cirian, Dane Hathaway and Colin Fairchild. Both teams were tied with six lossed birds each. The shoot off was won by the Carellis’ and Campbell team, only missing one bird and the other team dropped five.

The team of Paul Carelli, Ron Campbell and Paul’s son Ryan Carelli

What a day of all day shooting. Coach Lonny’s head was really swelled up on the way home from being so proud of his team. The BF Team was very safe at all times, and beating the Libby Youth Teams 90 percent of the time. Wyatt McDonald played baseball at Libby, he shot before the game and after. I watched Wyatt win a shoot off with a Montana adult from 25 yards back, great shooting Wyatt.

I am so proud of the whole team and so much appreciate the parents’ support.

Thank you!

Sunday, May 5

Bonners Ferry Gun Club: Not much of a turnout as Bill Bustillos, and Ron and Kristie and Melanie Campbell and myself went to Hauser Lake to their shoot as they come up and support us at our shoot.

Also Noxon, MT., had a meat shoot, on the same day.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Shoot safe and straight and keep your powder dry

— Coach Lonny Jelinek

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