Squad 54 on the line for the first 50 of a 200 bird shoot on July 25, 2019.

Eight students and two coaches left Bonners Ferry early the morning of July 25, 2019, to head down the 88th P.I.T.A. Grand Pacific Tournament in Green Acres, WA. It is the third time the Grand Pacific has been held at the Spokane Gun Club.

Day one went well. The team showed up early enough before their scheduled time to gather for a final huddle of instruction from Coach Lonny Jelinek and Assistant Ron Campbell, about rules and regulations for this shoot.

Unlike the meat shoots the team has become accustomed to participating in, this tournament housed professional shooters from all over the Inland Northwest, plus Alaska, California, Canada, Montana, and Utah.

Squad 54 waiting to take the line. Pictured, left to right are Wade Rice, Seth Rice,
Melanie Campbell, Kamen Nelson, and Wyatt Hathaway.

The tournament included two rounds at two trap houses for each squad on the first day. For most of these kids, it was the first time they’d participated in a tournament of this caliber. Luckily they had plenty of time to watch two full rounds from other squads prior to taking the line.

Squad 55 waiting to take the line. Pictured left to right are Dillon McLeish, Ryan Carelli, Ron Campbell, and Colin Fairchild. Not pictured is Coach Lonny Jelinek.

The BFHS Duke’s Claybusters Trap team worked hard, showed extreme sportsmanship, and proved they were a great team to represent Bonners Ferry. Two of the boys shot 25/25 in one of the four rounds: Seth Rice and Colin Fairchild, and Lonny and Ron both got two 25/25s each.

The individual scoreboard at the end of day 1: In Squad 54, Squad leader Melanie Campbell shot 88/100, Seth Rice Shot 93/100, Wade Rice shot 93/100, Kamen Nelson shot 87/100 and Wyatt Hathaway shot 92/100. In Squad 55, Squad Leader Lonny Jelinek shot a 97/100, Ryan Carelli shot an 86/100, Dillon McLeish shot a 66/100, Colin Fairchild shot a 92/100, and Assistant Ron Campbell shot a 98/100.

Second trap house for Squad 54.

The team will head back to Spokane again Friday, July 26, 2019, for Day 2 of their competition in the weeklong tournament.

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