On the second day of a two-day tournament, the Duke’s Claybusters Trap team did not disappoint.

Coach and Assistant watching matches leading up to their turn.

Beginning at 10:30 in the morning on Friday, the two squads of students and coaches resumed their match, aiming for as close to 200 broken birds as possible.

Squad 54 on the line for day two of the tournament.

All started out strong but you could see some fatigue was beginning to set in. The temperatures soared into the mid-nineties without any break in the heat.

Squad 55 on day two of the two-day tournament.

The Claybusters hung in there however and at the end of the day, the middle school boys took 1st Place in the Sub-Junior category of team overall scores.

This photo thanks to Robbi Fairchild. BF Dukes Claybusters took 1st in the Sub-Jr. Category. Pictured left to right are Dillon McLeish, Ryan Carelli, Coach Lonny Jelinek, Colin Fairchild, Seth Rice and Kamen Nelson.

Friday’s scores were as follows: Coach Lonny Jelinek 94/100, Assistant Ron Campbell 96/100, Melanie Campbell 85/100, Ryan Corelli 78/100, Colin Fairchild 87/100, Wyatt Hathaway 95/100, Dillon McLeish 57/100, Karen Nelson 97/100, Wade Rice 94/100 and Seth Rice 96/100.

Those shooting a 25/25 in a round included Wyatt, Kamen (who shot two 25/25), Wade, and Seth (who shot two 25/25s) and Ron, and Kamen shot a 50 straight, obtaining a new mile marker for his score.

Duke’s Claybusters even had a little time on Friday to sell some of their fundraising raffle tickets. They rely on the sale of tickets to help pay for their necessary shotshells and safety gear. (For information on how you can help raise funds for the Claybusters, contact Lonny Jelinek at the Bonners Ferry Gun Club, or Ron Campbell.)

Overall, the Bonners Ferry High School Duke’s Claybusters hung in there and had a great tournament, and they obtained great experience.

Final overall scores for our Bonners Ferry shooters were: Lonny Jelinek 191/200, Ron Campbell 194/200, Melanie Campbell 173/200, Ryan Corelli 164/200, Colin Fairchild 179/200, Kamen Nelson 184/200, Wyatt Hathaway 187/200, Dillon McLeish 123/200, Wade Rice 187/200, and Seth Rice 189/200.

Way to go Duke’s Claybusters.

Entire gallery of photos located here: https://profotofix.smugmug.com/Professional/2019-Photography/Clay-Busters-Grand-Pacific-Trap-Shoot/n-f6Lrkx/

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