Duke’s Claybusters from the far right:
Dillon Mcleish, Torsten Conover, Colin Fairchild, and Wyatt Hathaway.

Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team, “Dukes Claybusters”: Camas Prairie competition – Top three scores required.

Sub Jr. Isaac Bliss 22X25, Colin Fairchild 22X25, and Wyatt McDonald 20X25. Juniors: Wade Rice 22X25, Wyatt Hathaway 21X25, and Dane Hathaway 21X25.

Spokesman Review: Youth Division Isaac Bliss 22, Colin Fairchild 21, Wyatt McDonald 20, and Melanie Campbell 19.

They put Sub. Jrs and Jrs together in this competition.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club Adults:

Camas Prairie: Ken Brink 23, Lonny Jelinek 22, Wally Dinning 22, and Mike Pruitt 22.

Spokesman Review: Ken Brink 23, Lonny Jelinek 22, Wally Dinning 22, and Mike Pruitt 22.

Big Sky – I Net: Dukes Claybusters had 13 shooters, best out of 50 – Wade Rice 43, Dane Hathaway 37, Wyatt Hathaway 36, Ryan Carellli 34, Seth Rice 35, Melanie Campbell 33, Torsten Conover 31, and Cassidy Underhill 29. Sub. Jrs – Colin Fairchild 39, Wyatt McDonald 37, Kamen Nelson 36, Isaac Bliss 36, Dillon Mcleish 33.

Adults shooters – Big Sky I – Net, Mike Pruitt 35, Bill Bustilles 32, James Daniels 27, Wally Dinning 39, Dean Nelson 37, Bill Dunbar 37, Brain McDonald 25, Lonny Jelinek 39, Paul Carelli 36, Mike Compton 33, Ken Brink 31, and John Kellogg 33.

The weather — we had strong north wind, 32 degrees and snowing heavy at times, very jumpy targets and poor visibility. Looking for calmer, warm weekend to come.

Sunday, Jan. 19

Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team, “Dukes Claybusters”: High scores Ryan Carelli 21X25, and Wade Rice 21X25.

Fifty bird cores: Wade Rice 41, Wyatt McDonald 38, Torsten Conover 38, Dane Hathaway 38, Wyatt Hathaway 37, Ryan Carelli 37, Seth Rice 35, Dillion Mcleish 35, Colin Fairchild 35, Kamen Nelson 33, Melanie Campbell 29, Isaac Bliss 26, and Cassidy Underhill, first time shooting her new Browning over under 12 gauge 24X50. Good shooting with the new gun.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club adults: 50 total, Dean Nelson 38, Mike Pruitt 37, Wally Dinning 37, Ron Campbell 36, Bill Bustillos 35, James Daniels 34, Paul Carrelli 34, Lonny Jelinek 34, Brian McDonald 31, Ken Brink 35, and John Kellogg 30.

The play of the day was in the Annie Oakley as Lonny and his used-to-be idol, Ken Brink, both got shot out by Lonny’s new idol, 16 year old Melanie Campbell. Congrats to her, great shooting and by the way, we weren’t the only ones she shot out — what a fun. I know I can still get a laugh out of my fellow shooting buddies and I never miss on purpose it comes with old age. Here’s to better weather ahead.

Shoot safe and straight.

Coach Lonny Jelinek

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