Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team, “Dukes Claybusters”

Trapshooting Scores: Torsten Conover 21 16 yard and 19 Handicap = 40, Wade Rice 21 – 18=39, Kamen Nelson 22 – 17=39, Seth Rice 22 – 14=36, Wyatt McDonald 21 – 14=35, Wyatt Hathaway 20 – 12=32, Isaac Bliss 16 – 15=31, Dillon McLeish 14 – 18=32, Ryan Carelli 15 – 15=30, Melanie Campbell 16 – 12=28, and Cassidy Underhill 13 – 8=21. Weather was windy, which was a great factor in these scores. Good shooting team.

The regular over the hill gang didn’t do too much better, with a few younger shooters. Scores for them: Mike Pruitt 31, Bill Bustillos 34, James Daniels 31, Wally Dinning 38, Dean Nelson 34, Brian McDonald 27, Lonny Jelinek 41, Paul Carelli 41. Also, Lonny won “A” class by count back. Ron Campbell 38, John Kellogg 31, and “B” class won by Mike Compton with a score of 32X50.

The Annie Oakleys were great fun, with Dave J. winning 3 out of 4. He can either see better and shoot better with his new glasses or he was pretty hungry. Great shooting and good to have you out shooting again Dave.

We had nine shooters in the Annie, 36 degrees and sun with a cold breeze. Hopefully with this being the fifth week and halfway through our winter league shoot. Hope we get some nice weather in the second half. The Claybusters are leading in the Big Sky Shoot at this halfway point.

Shoot safe and Claybusters let’s keep those school grades up. Good luck in the next half, team.

— Coach Lonny Jelinek

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