It was 30 degrees, north winds, and cloudy.

Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team, “Dukes Claybusters”: The most improved shooter today was Cassidy Underhill shooting her new Browning 12 gauge, with a 21 at the 16 yards and 15 at the handicap from the 23 yards back = 36.

Wade Rice had 22 + 20=42 for the high score of the day. Dane Hathaway 23 + 17 = 40, Wyatt Hathaway 19 + 20=39, Toresten Conover 19 + 18 = 37, Seth Rice 22 + 14=36, Wyatt McDonald 19 + 16=35, Ryan Carelli 20 + 14=34, Kamen Nelson 21 + 13=34, Issac Bliss 14 + 19=33, Colin Fairchild 23 + 8=31, Melanie Campbell 19 +10=29, and Dillon McLeish 16 + 13=29.

Dukes Claybusters are still leading in the fifth week total targets broken in the The Big Sky winter league. Keep up the great scores as well as those passing school grades, team …

Bonners Ferry Gun Club adults scores: Bill Bustillos was high in “A” class with a 40X50 and Dean Nelson had 33X50 for “B” class high. Mike Pruitt 27X50, James Daniels 37X50, Brian McDonald 26X50, Ron Campbell 38X50, and Lonny Jelinek 39X50. The adult shooters were missing a few shooters as to the KVSA Gun and Horn Show — I’m glad it turned out to be a great event again as always — thank you everyone for your support of the KVSA.

The four Annies were great fun, if you like being old and embarrassed like me, as Dane and Wyatt Hathaway both out-shot the coach. So I wiped away the tears and manned up and finally won one. I finally learned how to get some laughs, just let a 16-year old out-shoot you in front of the over the hill gang. lol. What good clean fun, come on out and shoot some clays. Ladies and Gents always welcome.

— Coach Lonny Jelinek

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