High School Trap Shooting “Dukes Claybusters”

I would like to announce that the Claybusters won 1st place in the Big Sky – I Net competition winter eight week shoot. I did not get any individual places as to all the scores are not yet tallied up. Awards will be made at our “Dukes Memorial” shoot, April 5th 2020. I’m sure all of Boundary County is as proud of our team as we are out here at the club. The Spokesman Review results will be out in a week or two. The team is still competing in the Camas Prairie Winter Shoot, which is over the 15th, of March, then there will be 10 Claybuster shooters with parents heading down for the Camas Prairie Handicap Shoot in Walla Walla, WA., March 20-22, an 800 target event. Individual and team shooting – 16yd – handicap – and doubles. Let’s wish them all the Best of Luck.

The High Score was Seth Rice with 22 + 23=45, Colin Fairchild 22+21=43, Torsten Conover with his 1st 25 straight + 17= 42, congratulations to Torston, Wyatt McDonald 21+20=41, Wade Rice 24+16=40, Melanie Campbell 23+17=40, Isaac Bliss 21+18=39, Ryan Carelli 22+17=39, Kamen Nelson 18+21=39, Wyatt Hathaway 17+13=30, Dillion Mcleish, 18+16=34, and Cassidy Underhill 17+11=28.

BF Gun Club Adult Members – “A” class was won by B.C. member Don Norris with 44X50 and “B” class was won by our very own Bill Bustillos 36X50, Wally Dinning 42, Ron Campbell 41, Jerry Schilling 42, Randy Polestra 43, Lonny Jelinek 39, Dean Nelson 37, Bill Dunbar B.C. 36, James Daniels 33, Paul Carelli 30, John Kellogg 31, Brian McDonald 22, Mike Pruitt 27. The Annie Oakleys were great fun as usual. The wind came up and got the birds going up and mostly down, (and not from being shot down}. We are going to have to bear down next week some meat prizes went across the state line again today.

Please root for the “Claybusters”. Shoot safe and keep your powder dry.

Lonny Jelinek Coach.

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