High School Trapshooting Club, “Dukes Claybusters” .

The Governor of Washington State shut the Camas Prairie shoot down at Walla Walla that was schedule for this weekend. No more than 250 people in one place, the shoot usually has over 350 people with shooters, families and employee. There will be a special meeting this Sat., the 21st to reschedule the event at Walla Walla.

Today was the last day of the Camas Prairie winter shoot. The Spokesman Review shoot had the Claybusters listed in 4th place out of 25 teams in their 8 week winter shoot. The individual final scores are not out yet. The BF high school team has done very well this year.

Top scores for this week: Wade Rice 25X25, Colin Fairchild 24X25, Wyatt McDonald 22X25, Isaac Bliss 22X25, Seth Rice 21X25, Ryan Carelli 21X25, Cassidy Underhill 17X25, Melanie Campbell 16X25, Kamen Nelson 16X25, Dillon Mcleish 16X25, Torsten Conover 14X25.

Regular Members scores: Ron Campbell had 23X25, Lonny Jelinek 23X25, James Daniels 22X25, Mike Compton 19X25, Bill Bustillos 17X25, Brian McDonald 14X25, Dean Nelson 17X25. The Annie Oakleys were great as we had nine school shooters picking on the Over The Hill Gang. I didn’t catch who all of the winners were as Seth Rice shot me out and I was pouting over behind the club house. I do know Wyatt McDonald won two and Wade Rice got his eye back and also won two Annies. It was a lot of fun and not bad weather, finally. I hope the warm weather brings out more shooters soon.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club would sincerely like to thank the N.R.A. and Friends of N.R.A. for their Grant of shotgun shells and clay targets for the High School Trapshooting Team.

Shoot Safe and keep your powder dry.

Coach Lonny Jelinek