Sgt. Bob Goad & Coach Lonny Jelinek

WOW! What a bunch of great scores today, May 16th. Because of the Coronavirus, the club is still practicing six feet distancing and good hygiene as well as being very close to the 10 persons rule. Sheriff Dave Kramer gave the gun club the go ahead to shoot again after Gov. Little requested he be informed and gave us the ok. Sheriff Kramer fully supported the high school trap shooting team and sent Sargent Bob Goad to the club so that he could help us set the target speed with a radar gun at 42-43 mph, which is required at all A.T.A. and P.I.T.A. tournaments. Thank you all for making the trap club a 1st class trapshooting facility!

Bonners Ferry High School Trapshooting Team
“Duke’s Claybusters”

“Duke’s Claybusters” won 1st place for Junior shooters in the winter Big Sky I-Net shoot for 2020. We held a delayed presentation because of the coronavirus. What a beautiful day it was for the presentation and so much more fun when you don’t have a big coat on and it’s not snowing! The winter competition at the home club at 16 yards, believe it or not, had four scores tied. Jrs. Seth Rice and Torsten Conover tied at 169, and Sub. Jrs. Kamen Nelson and Wyatt McDonald also broke 169 each. All four shooters got to shoot one box of 25 practice rounds before their shoot-off. After the practice, Seth Rice broke a 25/25 over Torsten for 2nd place in the Jr. Division, and Kamen Nelson shot 21/25 over Wyatt McDonald 20/25 for 2nd place in the Sub. Jr. Division.

The trophies from the Bonners Ferry Gun Club to the Duke’s Claybusters shooting team were as follows:

Melanie Campbell 1st place ladies; Cassidy Underhill 2nd place ladies; Juniors: 1st Wade Rice; 2nd Seth Rice; 3rd Torsten Conover; 4th Wyatt Hathaway, and 5th Ryan Carelli.

Practice: Seth Rice broke 24 and 25/25 for a total of 49/50, and Wade Rice also broke 25 and 24/25 for 49/50. Seth’s 25 straight was in his shoot-off. Other scores were in the 18-23 group.

Great shooting for all. We also had a new shooter, Alex Stolley, 12 years old, who broke a 19×25 for his 2nd time out. What a natural… Good to have him aboard.

May 17: We had a good turnout for the over-the-hill-gang on our new trap pad and houses. I think we were only over our limit of 10 by a couple. Member and father of Ryan Carelli, Paul Carelli, crushed his 1st ever 25/25 on the new improvements so I guess it works for the older folks too, although Ron Campbell broke the 1st adult 25/25 last week. On June 1, hopefully we can have more shooters, so come on out and try out our new improved facilities.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club

Open Wednesdays at 10:00 am, Saturday’s 10:00 am School team, and Sundays 10:00 am for all.

Shoot safe and if you’re sick, please stay home.

Coach Lonny Jelinek

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