The Bonners Ferry High School Trapshooting Team, “Duke’s” Claybusters, has had some great high scoring practice rounds in the last two weeks. The weather god has been really good to the team’s practice days and time, except for some bad wind once in awhile. Last week, one squad had four 24s and new shooter Levi Bonnell broke 18/25. This week he broke 21/25. New shooter Alex Stolley broke 19/25 and I thank him as this week he called about missing practice as he didn’t feel well. I and the whole team appreciate his care and respect to others by staying home. Get well soon Alex! By the way, he was shooting a new BT-99 Browning.

Another new shooter this week was Henry Willis. His 1st round ever he broke 13/25, and 2nd round was 16/25. Great shooting for the first time out. High scores were Wade Rice with 24/25; Seth Rice 24/25; Colin Fairchild 24/25; Isaac Bliss 24/25; Wyatt McDonald broke his first 25/25; Torsten Conover 22/25, Dillon McKleish 24/25; Kamen Nelson 24/25; Ryan Carelli 24/25; Melanie Campbell 22/25; Cassidy Underhill 22/25. Dane Hathaway came out and practiced with the team and broke a 24/25, a great score after 2 months of not shooting. Wyatt Hathaway also shot with a 20/25.

The Bonners Ferry Trap Club is open Wednesdays at 10:oo am. All shooters are welcome. We’ve been having five to eight shooters on Wednesdays. It is a good day for beginners to come and try it out. Great for beginners, men, women and kids. Sunday from 10:00 am: all trap shooters are welcome. Come and try out our new improvements.

The “Duke” Memorial Shoot is in honor of Terry “Duke” Guthrie. It is scheduled this year for June 28, 2020, starting at 9:00 am. We will have a meat shoot and the 50 bird handicap will start at 1:00 pm.

Remember social distancing and good hygiene.
Coach Lonny

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