Dukes Claybusters” High School Trapshooting

Aug. 1st, 2020 , Here it is another new month, 2020 is halfway over. The school trap team is invited to do a practice shoot at the Sandpoint Gun Club, Sat. Aug. 8th. They have a screen up to catch the shot and also throw florescent green clay targets. This will be good practice and a new experience for the team. Thank you Sandpoint Gun Club members for the invite. Remembering Social Distancing is a must, when shooting they are 9ft. or more, when not shooting 6ft or more.

The high scores Aug.1st, were Kamen Nelson 23X25, Wyatt McDonald 23X25, Dillon Mcleish 23X25, and Wade Rice 23X25,. Isaac Bliss 22X25, Kamen, Wade, and Isaac’s scores were from the 20yd line. Melanie Campbell was High Lady with 21X25, Cassidy Underhill 18X25, and new shooter Malia Steffen 16X25, also new, her brother Z Steffen 15X25. Great shooting today. The play of the day was new shooters Z and Malia Steffen, shooting off for winner of the Annie Oakley, from 27yrds back, with 12 yr. old Z winning the shoot-off. Wyatt McDonald won the other Annie. Great shooting to all.

The Sunday group had a great time with practice rounds and four Annie Oakleys. I want to thank Fred Hendrickson and Wade Rice for all their help with our pat. trap machine improvements. Remember if you don’t feel good, stay home and Social Distance is a must, please help keep the club stay open. A Note: We have a new raffle going, please buy a raffle ticket or two, it’s to help the “Claybusters” with shells and targets if you can. All our school team members have them and the info. Thanks.

Stay healthy, shoot safely and enjoy what’s left of summer, remember family first.

Coach Lonny