Bonners Ferry High School Trapshooting Club

Aug 8th:

Wow! What a wonderful practice day. Thanks to the Sandpoint Trap Club. The “Dukes Claybusters” high school team was invited to the Sandpoint Club Saturday for practice and a few games with Sandpoint members furnishing the targets and a great lunch. A good experience for all, as they threw florescent green clay targets as well as orange and a great background.

The rules for trap shooting in practice or in competition are five positions at 9ft. apart, so Social Distancing is not a problem and in handicap event’s even farther apart.

The A.T.A. and P.I.T.A. Associations have youth programs. A.I.M. stands for Academic, Integrity, and Marksmanship and Y.E.S. stands for Youth, Education, and Shooting. The scholarship programs are for High School and College student shooters. Last year there was $90,000.00 in scholarships given away. The Sandpoint Club have dedicated members, it would be great if the Sandpoint High School or 4-H clubs had a school trap club. Last year the Claybusters competed with Libby, Troy-Deary Id, and the I-Net Big Sky winter league, ran by the Thompson Falls, Mt. club. Trapshooting teaches them gun safety. ethics, concentrations, and a team effort. As with all school activities passing grades are required. Trapshooting is a no-contact sport. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy and support all high school and college sports.

The Claybusters top scores for the day of practice at Sandpoint: Wade Rice 25X25, Melanie Campbell 24X25, Wyatt McDonald 24X25, Kamen Nelson 23X25, Dillion McLeish 22X25, Seth Rice 22X25, Cassidy Underhill 21X25, Torsten Conover 21X25, Malia Steffen 20X25, Alex Stolley 18X25, Isaac Bliss 17X25, Z Steffen 14X25. Malia and Dillon won the five shots from 40yrds back. Thanks again to the Sandpoint Gun Club, the Claybusters, and their parents.

Aug 9th: We had 15 shooters out Sunday for our regular day of shooting. Had good practice rounds and four fun Annie Oakleys.

Shoot Safe and Stay Healthy,
Coach Lonny

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