The high school trap team, Dukes Claybusters, met Aug. 15, for the “Shoot for Pinkeyes” Mary Kay Foundation for cancers affecting women, in Libby, Mont.

The junior division was won by Torsten Conover, 25×25; second place was a shoot-off: Kamen Nelson against Dillon McKleish, 23×25 for both and won by Dillon.

The adult class was won by Ron Campbell with 25×25. Also participating were Melanie Campbell, Cassidy Underhill, Kristy Campbell, Malia Young, a new lady shooter, and Wyatt McDonald. If I missed mentioning someone I apologize.

On Sept. 6, in Thompson Falls, Mont., was the meat shoot. Bonners Ferry Gun Club member Ron Campbell won the shooter super Annie Oakley today. Ron split the pot with two other shooters for an equal share of the pot. Great shooting from the 27-yard line. Ron and daughter, 17-year-old Melanie, also came home with some meat prizes. Bonners Ferry members Mike Compton and Dean Nelson also came back with some meat.

Wade and Seth Rice rode over with Coach Lonny and again put the coach to shame, as Seth won six prizes and Wade won five while coach won three. Wade also won the 50/50 drawing for some cash. We had to stop in Thompson Falls, gas up and air up the tires, plus buy two new coolers and some ice to get home with the cars from tires almost off the ground. LOL. Great fun and very proud of our shooters.

Practice is really paying off with almost all of the Claybusters in the 20s. Kamen Nelson had 25×25, Sept. 12, Melanie 22, Cassidy 22, Wyatt M. 23, Toresten 23, Dillon 22, Ryan 23, Isaac, 19, Alex 18 and last week 22, and Colin 23.

Hauser Lake Gun Club had a meat shoot plus a 50 bird handicap, on Sept. 20. Wade and Seth Rice, Malia and Z Steffen, and Melanie Campbell made the journey to the Hauser Gun Club… All the team members shot extremely well… Z won the first Annie Oakley of the day. Melanie held her ground in the super Annie winning the pot with 2 other experienced shooters. Seth Rice was the big winner shooting a perfect 50/50 in the main event 50 bird. With that win, he also won the progressive pot and a couple of other cash prizes! Congratulations Seth! Congratulations to all the Claybusters and way to represent Bonners Ferry!

The Bonners Ferry Gun Club will have a 50 bird handicap and meat shoot on Oct. 4 this year, the Sunday before the elk season opens on Oct. 10. The club is open Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.; no more Wednesdays until spring.

All trap shooters are welcome — beginners, women, men, and youth who are 12 years old with a passing hunter safety class. Very good before bird season to practice on a few clay targets — if you can see them in the smoke. Now I guess I know where that phrase comes from. Wow! You smoked that one, well if I did, I guess you saw it break as I didn’t. Hope this goes away soon. Looks like the Sundance Fire. I pray that never happens again.

The “Dukes Claybusters,” Bonners Ferry Gun Club, and Bonners Ferry High School would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for their generous donation. Also Vise Versa, LLC trucking for their donation and Burt Fraley for his generous donations as well as Gary Schaffer’s generous donation. Thank you all so very much. Don’t forget to get your raffle tickets for the new 257 mag Weatherby rifle for the end-of-the-month drawing.

Shoot safe and stay healthy.
Coach Lonny