Duke's Claybusters

The high scores on December 12, 2020, were Cassidy Underhill 24X25, Wade Rice, 24×25, Melanie Campbell 22X25, Dillon Mcleish 21X25, Colin Fairchild 21X25, Zadok Steffen 20X25, and Malia Steffen 19X25. Great shooting today.

Melanie, Zadok and Malia all won Annie’s. Great shooting to all.

The Sunday group had a great time with practice rounds and four Annie Oakleys.

Remember if you don’t feel good, stay home and Social Distance is a must, please help keep the club open.

A Note: We will be starting league shooting every week on January 2, 2021. The league shoots will continue for 10 weeks.

Stay healthy, shoot safely, and enjoy your family.

Ron Campbell

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