The results are in for the first week, Jan 2 and 3rd. 2021 for the winter league competition.

Duke's Claybusters

Dukes Claybusters, the High School Trap Team, is in first place in the Youth Division of the Spokesman-Review with a score of 96X100. Colin Fairchild 24X25, Kamen Nelson 24X25, Dillon McKeish 24X25, and Wade Rice 24X25.

The Claybusters are also leading The Big Sky Youth Division in 1st place with total targets broken. We all are hoping they can continue this winning trend with good scores and good grades.

I admire all these students for their help and dedication with this sport and all other school sports they are involved in. I also would like to congratulate Levi Bonnell on his Skiing accomplishments. Great to see him on the front cover of B.F. Living Local. He is a good trap shooter, and when skiing season is over, we hope he will join the Claybusters Team again. Athlete of the month, Holly Ansley, I congratulate you on a great effort in Academics, Integrity, and sportsmanship, and if you ever want to learn how to trap shoot, let us know.

The Gun Club and Claybusters could sure use more lady shooters, as well as boys and men.

The Bonners Ferry Gun Club is pleased to announce that Ron Campbell, our new club VP, is now a certified NRA Instructor & Shotgun coach, anyone wishing to learn how to Trap Shoot is welcome.

Our Hours are: Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm. In the summer, we will be open Weds at 10:00 am.

The regular members in league shooting are shooting well, in 3rd and 4th places. Maybe a lot has to do with age, lol.

Jan. 3rd scores where, Brain McDonald 24X25, Bill Bustillos 24X25, Wally Dinning 24X25 and Ron Campbell 23X25. Great score for a new shooter was Jason Keate 21X25 great shooting.

Please support all school sports.

Shoot safe and keep your powder dry.
Coach Lonny Jelinek

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