Duke's Claybusters

On January 30 & 31, the Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team continued with league trapshooting (week 5).

The weather on Saturday was 32 degrees, snowing, and with a blustery wind. Cassidy Underhill and Seth Rice highest scores in the 16-yard competition at our club, with both scoring 24 / 25.  Colin Fairchild had 23 / 25 and Dillon McLeish 22 / 25, Melanie Campbell 22 / 25 and Zadok Steffen 22 / 25, or 68/75 in the Camas Prairie shoot, and 93/100 in the Spokesman-Review and Big Sky competitions, great shooting for the cold elements, including visibility when it’s snowing. A good trap shooter always has an excuse for missing a target… LOL.

High handicap score was Dillon McLeish with 22/25 from 24 yards back, Wyatt McDonald with 21/25, and Wade Rice having 21/25. Dillon also was high overall with a 44/50 total score. The Claybusters had thirteen shooters during this 5th week of competitions. All but two shooters broke in the 20s in the 16-yard event.

The over the hill gang had nine shooters with 20s and over scores out of 25, with only five under that, in the 16-yard event. Michael Compton broke a 25/25 this week from the 16 yard, and Paul Carelli had 24/25.

Wally Dinning tied Dillon’s over all score with a total of 44/50. Wally won the A-Class and Kristie Campbell won B-Class with 39 by count back on a tie with Ron Campbell and Dennis Smith.

There were four Annie Oakleys, great fun with the Over the Hill gang finally getting used to being shot out by a lady or two as Mom (Kristie) and daughter (Melanie) couldn’t hardly miss today. Good shooting ladies from the 27-yard line. When you get shot out, you learn to laugh along and not be embarrassed after a few times. LOL.

Shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Coach Lonny

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